Orthopedic Surgery Trauma

Traumatology is an essential part in the specialty of Orthopaedics and Traumatology.

It consists of the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic fractures and bone and joint injuries. This surgical subspecialty was born from the need to treat both conservatively and surgically, fractures and injuries from falls and general accidents that result in serious injuries, deformities and unresolved cases. Trauma includes injuries that affect the bones of the limbs and back.


Back injuries can severely damage spinal structures and affect the functions of movement and feeling in all four limbs. Traumatology in these cases is to reduce or minimize injuries that occur in the back, although the consequences that a spinal cord injury may have are often very severe. Injuries to the bones in the limbs cause pain, deformities and abnormal function in both the arms and legs. Fractures should be evaluated and treated. Depending on the affected area, the region of the bone injury, the type of fracture and associated lesions may require treatment by immobilization systems, such as casts, splints or prefabricated systems such as orthotics, prosthetics or plastic systems in cases that do not need surgical treatment and opt for conservative treatment.

Surgical treatment is used when conservative treatments do not allow proper reduction of fractures or maintenance thereof, the use of plates, screws or specific nails that keep the bones and joints in their anatomical place could be necessary. These systems allow the union and consolidation of the fractured fragments. In some cases these materials can be removed especially if they produce discomfort.

Consolidation can be problematic, both the delay and the lack of union are also problems that must be solved in this field. The lack of elements that stabilize the fracture or biological factors that prevent or delay the healing of fractures are elements to be considered and should be treated specifically.

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