Shoulder Arthroscopy and Open Surgery

Shoulder ArtroscopyArthroscopy is a surgical technique consisting of a tiny camera and equipment of very small dimensions for surgical procedures inside joints via small incisions. In the shoulder joint arthroscopy has been a breakthrough both in treatment of diseases and in the description of various entities. The following conditions and instabilities in the shoulder joint can be treated via arthroscopy. 

 Glenohumeral  instability is a pathological entity in which the shoulder joint loses articular congruity ranging from recurrent dislocation to microinstability. Most shoulder instabilities occur in young patients who play sports or after suffering a dislocation. Currently the treatment of shoulder instability is performed by arthroscopic techniques using anchors with sutures for the reconstruction of the stabilizing elements or capsulolabral complex and a reduction of capsule volume to stop the humeral head slipping out of the glenoid cavity. 

 Rotator Cuff Pathology: the rotator cuff is an anatomical structure formed by the tendons of the subscapularis, supraspinatus, infraspinatus with the mission of elevating and rotating the humeral head. Rotator cuff pathology ranges from tendinitis to failure of one or more tendons and usually occurs in patients in their forties and fifties. Debridement of associated tendinopathies can be performed as well as techniques to increase the subacromial space by performing acromioplasty. Also using sutures to anchor torn tendons of the rotator cuff.

Synovial Pathology: Arthroscopy can be used here for sampling of synovial tissue for biopsies for diagnosis of rheumatic diseases as well as performing synovectomies consisting of the removal of the synovium with motorized instruments or RF.

Shoulder Surgeries

Arthroscopic debridement.

Primary rotator cuff repair (open and arthroscopic)

Revision rotator cuff repair (open and arthroscopic)

Primary instability repair (open and arthroscopic)

Revision instability repair (open and arthroscopic)

Glenoid reconstruction for bone defects in instability cases

AC ligament reconstruction (open and arthroscopic)

Rotator cuff reconstruction with graft augmentation

Supracapsular reconstruction

Arthroscopic supracapsular nerve release

Tendon transfers for massive irreparable rotator cuff tear and shoulder paralysis

Tendon transfers for trapezius palsy

Tendon transfer for scapular winging

Primary arthroplasty

Revision arthroplasty (implant-based and allograft-prosthesis composite)

Glenohumeral fusion

Scapulothoracic fusion

Primary ORIF proximal humerus and humeral shaft

Treatment of fracture sequelae proximal humerus and humeral shaft

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