Meniscal Transplantation

Meniscus-Knee-Transplant-enSurgery for partial or total removal of the meniscus is one of the most frequent knee surgeries. The results are usually very positive and recovery from these surgeries is often relatively quickly with following a physiotherapy and rehabilitation program.

But in some cases the absence of a part or all of the meniscus generates excess pressure in the areas of cartilage and bone, causing excessive pain and discomfort. To correct this situation patients perform a series of conservative treatments that start with physiotherapy treatment, with muscle strengthening of the quadriceps, proprioceptive and physical measures such insoles or shoe wedges to unload the knee axis and/or the application of biological therapies such as plasma rich in growth factors or stem cell concentrates.

In cases where these measures are not enough a new meniscus can be transplanted. Grafts come from tissue banks from anonymous donors and after following the strict serology controls, can be transplanted in knees that meet the criteria for transplantation. Ideal candidates  are patient younger than 50 years who have undergone surgery for removal of part or all the meniscus, who have pain and maintain a normal tibiofemoral axis.

Meniscal transplantation surgery requires a highly experienced team consisting of different technical details that require groups with extensive experience by all team members. Usually grafts are inserted and sutured to the capsule using sutures that were placed before insertion into the knee. The sutures are recovered inside the knee via arthroscopy through various access portals and are removed through small incisions to the outside of the knee.

The menisci require an average of 10 anchor points, including the horns and appropriate tension is essential. Post surgery rehabilitation and physiotherapy by an experienced team is also essential.

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