Elbow Arthroscopy and Open Surgery

Elbow ArtroscopyElbow joint arthroscopy has advanced the treatment of elbow diseases as well as their descriptions. Osteochondral Cartilage is the tissue that lines the joint surfaces and has the job of reducing friction between articular surfaces and achieve frictionless articular movement. Articular cartilage injury causes pain, joint locking, decreased mobility leading to joint deterioration and osteoarthritis. Elbow cartilage injuries can occur primarily like Panner's disease, which is osteochondritis in the capitellum or secondary, produced by joint trauma. Arthroscopy allows for the diagnosis of osteochondral injuries, their treatment and the removal of loose bodies.

Synovial Pathologies: Using arthroscopic techniques, synovial sampling for biopsies can be performed for the diagnosis of rheumatic diseases as well as for performing synovectomy that involves the removal of the synovium by motorized instruments or radio frequency.

Joint stiffness: The elbow joint is a region where stiffness can develop with relative ease after suffering a fracture, dislocation or when the elbow has been immobilized. Joint stiffness produces substantial functional limitation of the joint, preventing the proper performance of daily life activities. Treatment is essential without causing additional damage. Improved joint mobility can be achieved performing a technique called arthroscopic arthrolysis, removing flaps or capsular hypertrophies limiting the mobility of the joint, without opening the joint, using various arthroscopic access portals through small incisions and cutting instruments for the disposal of tissues using motors or arthroscopic radiofrequency.

Elbow Surgeries

Ulnar nerve release (open and arthroscopic)

Ulnar nerve transposition

Distal biceps tendon repair/reconstruction

Reconstruction of lateral collateral ligament

Reconstruction of medial collateral ligament

Lateral epicondylitis debridement (open and arthroscopic)

OCD treatment (open and arthroscopic)

Arthroscopic osteocapsular arthroplasty

Open elbow contracture release

Excision of mild and massive heterotopic ossification

Primary arthroplasty

Revision arthroplasty (including implant-based and allograft-prosthesis composite)

Primary ORIF fracture of distal humerus and complex elbow injuries

Treatment of fracture sequelae of distal humerus and complex elbow injuries

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