Ankle Arthroscopy

Ankle-Pain-ArtroscopyAnkle arthroscopy is a surgical technique that allows us to visualize the ankle joint structures with relative ease. The ankle is injured frequently in sports traumatology and on numerous occasions cartilage and underlying bone of the tibia and the talus have to sustain impacts and osteochondral lesions can form. The arthroscopic approach not only avoids major surgery but also prevents osteotomies and the need for osteosynthesis screws. This system can access the talar dome and the usual areas where osteochondral injuries are located, performing debridement, fragment synthesis or application of biological treatments.

The repetitive impact that occurs in sports, produces a response in the form of tissue growth both soft and hard, limiting the mobility of the ankle, with clinical manifestations in patients such as pain or inability to climb ramps, stairs or just walking on uneven ground.

In cases of ankle fractures with additional trauma, where reconstructive surgery requires plates and screws, reduced mobility and progressive joint pain can occur over months. In these cases significant joint fibrosis occurs and arthroscopy can play an essential role in debridement and arthrolysis, recovering mobility in these ankles.

 In posterior compartment pathologies of the of the ankle where the os trigonum is located and seen in various sports like football, runners or dancers and above all in the flexor tendon of the first toe that causes pain in forced plantar flexion. These patients have pain when running, shooting or dancing and an arthroscopic approach allows both access to this area and the possibility of resection of the os trigonum, allowing for normal mobility and reduction and elimination of symptoms of pain and limited function. This type of surgery allows for shorter hospitalization periods, low levels of pain and an early return to their activities.

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