Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells

Bone marrow is the semi liquid tissue that we have inside any of our bones and vertebrae, sternum and the iliac crest. This tissue is known colloquially as marrow and contains living cells that are essential for the operation and maintenance of our body.

It is in the bone marrow over the course of our lives that we produce cells found in the blood such as platelets, red blood cells and immune system cells as well as progenitor cells of the osteoarticular system known as mesenchymal cells which have shown be necessary for the creation of tissues such as bone and cartilage.

Bone Marrow Transplantations


Intensive research is currently being conducted internationally to exploit the biological qualities of these cells for the repair / regeneration of clinical injuries affecting our bones and cartilage and improve the results of the usual treatments. However there are still doubts in the scientific community about whether mesenchymal stem cells, although necessary, are sufficient themselves to repair / regenerate tissues.

In this context we have developed therapeutic approaches seeking to use the natural potential of our body to regenerate and based on the use of bone marrow and all its contents, including progenitor and mature cells during surgery to facilitate and accelerate tissue repair.

At the Garcia Cugat Foundation we are conducting several studies to evaluate the regenerative potential of bone marrow in articular pathologies of knee and hip. Parallel to usual treatment, bone marrow is aspirated to obtain and concentrate cells that are actively involved in the repair processes of osteoarticular tissue and obtain a concentrated bone marrow product, which is applied at the injury site.

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