In 1951, Dr. José García Cugat founds what will end up being the Artroscopia GC service and becomes part of the Catalan Mutuality of Footballers.

Dr. Ramón Cugat starts in this specialty from the hand of his mentor, Dr. García Cugat as an assistant in 1965 and to join the team once he graduated in the 70s.

It is in this same decade when he began his training in arthroscopy at the hands of Dr. Bertram Zarins pioneer of this new technique, at the Massachusetts General Hospital - Harvard Medical School. On his return to Spain he becomes a pioneer in this technique and introduces it both in the Catalan Football Association and in his daily practice and promotes the creation of the Spanish Association of Arthroscopy.

From the year 2000, Dr. Cugat began in the application and research of biological therapies as a complement to conventional therapies. Starting with the use of Growth Factors or PRP and starting in 2013 with stem cells.

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