Clinical Analysis

Platelet Rich Plasma PRPThe study of blood, or of various fluids in our body complements the diagnosis of different diseases. Analysis allows us to assess the presence of normal elements in our blood and allows us to identify alterations or imbalances. Often there are whole lines of values that can be altered.

It is therefore essential that all clinical tests are prescribed and especially evaluated by a physician and with the patient’s medical history and a thorough physical examination a precise diagnosis can be given. In the field of Orthopedics and Traumatology, clinical analyses are frequently used preoperatively to evaluate clotting levels of patients, this is necessary to ensure good hemostasis during surgery.

They are also useful in cases of infection. High values in the results for inflammation and defense cells in the context of a clinical suspicion can guide us towards the right diagnosis. The presence of specific antibodies in some rheumatic diseases like lupus, spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, anchylosis, etc., can better orientate us. Similarly, high blood glucose levels, triglycerides, cholesterol or uric acid alert us to the possibility of changes in dietary habits that negatively influence our osteoarticular system.

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