"The human aspect is the most important in the relationship with patients"
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Doctor Ramón Cugat

Dr. Cugat and Team

Dr. Cugat International Patients

Orthopedic Surgeon specialized in sports medicine, orthopedic surgery, molecular biology and regenerative medicine. I was one of the pioneers in arthroscopic surgery in Spain and for more than a decade my team has been researching and using growth factors with promising results in accelerated injury healing. We have initiated treatment with stem cells in joints with cartilage lesions, including osteoarthritis.

My work with the Football Federation has enabled me to examine and treat thousands of injuries. The techniques used for elite athletes who need high precision diagnostics and interventions, are a reference for all our patients. In the early 70s I began travelling around the world to learn and share information about my specialty and sports medicine in general. Visiting the United States, South America, Europe, Asia, and Pacific, Australia ... Something I continue doing regularly.

I am passionate about everything I have learned at hundreds of centers and hospitals. What they do, how they diagnose and from that what I can bring to my patients from all that I've learned.

My goal: Give the best treatment to my patients. Constant work and being constantly alert and up to date on new research and new techniques gives me peace of mind and certainty that things do not become routine. It’s all about constantly giving the best possible treatment and delivering excellence. I have had the opportunity to meet great teachers whom I never tire of thanking for their generosity in sharing their wisdom and experience.

Research is a pivotal area of my work. For more than a decade we have been working with teams of Veterinary Surgeons, Universities in Barcelona, Valencia, Murcia, Cordoba and Las Palmas and since 2007 in the Garcia Cugat Foundation for Biomedical research. And of course both nationally and internationally. This allows me to give back to society all that I have received throughout all the exciting years of my career.

The human aspect is the most important in the relationship with patients. I think it is vital and also key to a good diagnosis. Then comes clinical examination and tests if needed, but first and foremost is good communication.

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